Academia Goes Burlesque:
on the Queer Impact of the, Popular and Sexual Culture, Berlin May 15-16, 2024
Photo: Paweł Sokołowski

Aneta Panek

Dr. Aneta Panek is a Berlin based film maker and performance artist, working mainly in the fields of performance, opera, and film. Recurrent themes include alchemy, transmutation, subversion and rebellion as means of self-discovery. Her work, based on other knowledge and performative research, is about the necessity of visualization and associative speculation in formulating and deconstructing theories and questioning reality. She studied art history in Paris. She gained her practice-based PhD at the design faculty of the University of Arts Berlin. Her research is concerned with transgression, subversion and poetry in the punk avant-gardes. In her book “Alchemy of Punk”, she explores the extremely heterogeneous manifestations of the rebellious and irritating forms of artistic expression that are summarized as punk. While her practice culminates in experimental film, she also stages live performances, writes analytical texts, new poetry and fiction, to challenge the existing norms of performing knowledge.