Academia Goes Burlesque:
on the Queer Impact of the, Popular and Sexual Culture, Berlin May 15-16, 2024
Photo: Emilia Lyon Photography

Madame Meduse

Madame Meduse is a performer who combines the art of burlesque with thought-provoking themes. Their performances encompass a range of important issues such as the lack of comprehensive sexual education, discrimination against queer individuals, and the exclusion of sex workers. While Madame Meduse excels at delivering powerful protest burlesque, they also possess a remarkable finesse in classic burlesque performances that leave audiences captivated. As a co-founder of Madame Q (first burlesque club in Poland run by performers) and the Home of Burlesque Foundation, they have played a pivotal role in establishing Poland's first and only organization dedicated to nurturing and supporting the burlesque community.