Academia Goes Burlesque:
on the Queer Impact of the, Popular and Sexual Culture, Berlin May 15-16, 2024
Photo: Iain Zabolotny

Katharina Wiedlack

Katharina Wiedlack is Assistant Professor for Anglophone Cultural Studies at the Department of English and American Studies, University of Vienna. Her research interests are transnational American studies, queer and feminist theory, popular culture, post-socialist, decolonial and disability studies. Her monograph “Queer-feminist Punk: an Anti-Social History” was published in 2015 by the queer-feminist publisher Zaglossus. It analyses the divers creative radical queer-feminist punk communities that emerged in North America in the late 1980s and transform their respective cultural landscapes till today. She combines her academic research, and teaching with her queer feminist activism, art and community organizing. Together with Anna T. and her team, she organized the international multimedia art exhibition "Close[t] Demonstrations: an exhibition on the multitudes of queer in_visibility" Vienna, November 2023.

Her latest publications appeared in the Journal for Gender Studies, Open Gender Journal, Connections and NORMA among others. Her most current research project “Rivals of the Past, Children of the Future: Localizing Russia within US National Identity Formation from a Historical Perspective” investigates Russian American encounters, and the mobilization of values and identities.